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Service Options

Option 1*

I create a menu specialized for you, come to your home to cook, portion and prepare it for the refrigerator or freezer. This service will provide you with 5 entrees and 3 snacks with 2-4 portions of each. I charge for groceries and $35 hour (5 hour minimum) for the shopping and prep. I will bring my own equipment and I leave your kitchen clean and smelling like delicious homemade food.

Option 2*

I prepare 5 entrees and 3 snacks - this is a pre-set menu and changes weekly - I prepare the food, portion it and deliver it in a cooler for you to enjoy all week. The cost is $95 for 1 portion of each entree and snack or $165 for 2 portions of each.

*For either service, there is a container fee of $20 charged for your first service 

   and then again every 6 weeks. I use Rubbermaid type freezer/microwave safe

containers and they need to be replaced after a few meal services.


I will create delicious (and plentiful!) appetizers for a cocktail party for any number of guests on a per-plate basis. Costs will vary with the menu and how many hors d'oeuvres you choose and can vary between $20 - $50 per person.